Black Light Absorbing Coatings Material, Black Optical Coating

Blackest Vacuum Deposited Coatings for IR, VIS & UV

light absorbing coatings

Valley now offers the blackest light absorbing vacuum deposited coatings available on the market, used for stray light suppression in the UV, visible and IR ranges.

Applications include:

  • IR detector cold shields
  • Space-born optical systems
  • Detector and optical system parts - cooled and un-cooled
  • Sharp edge diaphragms and blades
  • Wafer level packaging, MEMS


The coating is also available in coated roll material form, with or without self adhesive backing for:

  • Blackbodies, thermal radiation detectors
  • Contrast enhancement in displays and LED modules
  • Solar energy absorbers
  • Applications requiring ultra-high specific surface area in capacitor/battery electrodes and nano porous materials.


For overall black optical coating types, click here.

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