Light absorbing patternable coatings on wafers

Wafer-Level Patternable Light Absorbing Coatings


Light absorbing coatings on wafers of almost any material have excellent coverage of the entire surface including edges. Typical coating thickness is from 0.8 to 2 microns with working temperatures from -269 to +350 degrees C.


Key features of black optical coatings include:

  • Very low reflectivity coatings
  • Tailorable electrical resistivity - conductor or insulator
  • Etching or lift-off technology
  • 3 micron feature size
  • Virtually any substrate material - silicon, glass, ceramic, etc.
  • No particulation
  • Compatibility with lithographic process chemicals
  • Vacuum, cryogenic and clean room compatible

For a listing of all optical black coating types, click here.

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